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Believe in Belle Harbor is a community project founded by the Roberts family, whose deep roots in Belle Harbor extend for more than sixty years and several generations. On a peninsula of Long Island, just miles outside Manhattan, are the seaside towns known as “the Rockaways”. Belle Harbor is one of those communities and it was destroyed by the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.This is a community that has weathered many tragic events in recent years. A community of firefighters and “first responders,” Belle Harbor families lost over 40 men and women on September 11, 2001. Just two months later, the community saw more destruction first hand when American Airlines Flight 587 crashed in Belle Harbor. Now, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, hundreds of homes have been demolished and the families there are struggling to rebuild without heat or electricity as winter approaches.By making a donation or volunteering your time with Belle Harbor Believes, you can make an immediate difference in the lives of the Belle Harbor families who have already given so much to New York and to the country.

Endorsed by Rev. Msgr. John Brown, St. Francis de Sales of Belle Harbor .

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